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Tension in the Middle East escalates, bringing Gaza and Israel to the brink of a fourth war


The escalation of tension in the Middle East is multiplying by the minute. Israel has responded with heavy shelling to rockets launched yesterday by Hamas. And although Hamas has called for a cease-fire, Israel has no intention of granting it.

The attacks are getting more violent by the day. The sound of alarms is incessant in both territories and the missiles and bombs have razed several buildings, but these are not the most alarming data. The death toll today stands at 62, at least 14 of them minors, according to official figures, and there are already 320 wounded. This situation puts on the brink of a fourth war between Gaza and Israel.

The United Nations is now trying to stop this new episode of war and although Hamas has called for a cease-fire, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has refused to do so and in fact has confirmed that this “is only the beginning. We will attack them with a force they can’t even dream of”. With these harsh and blunt words, Israel is raising the tension even higher.

Overnight Tuesday, the incessant exchange of fire between Israel and Gaza continued unabated. Several fighter jets attacked a fourteen-story building in the Islamist territory. Following this attack, Hamas launched a new offensive of at least a hundred rockets towards central and southern Israel. For this reason, today the latter have once again counterattacked with intense bombardments on the Gaza Strip. A military spokesman for Hamas forces has assured that the troops are currently acting “under the same guidelines” as in the 2014 war against the Palestinian militias.

In this last bombardment, Israel hit several Hamas bases and at least 5 leaders of the Islamist movement were killed. For that reason they have asked for a cease-fire although the Palestinians have denied it.



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