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The Last of Us 2 gets a free update to run at 60fps on PS5


PlayStation has announced, and by surprise, that players of The Last of Us Part II can update their game to an enhanced next-gen version for PS5. This is an update of Naughty Dog’s game that is already available on the next-gen console completely free of charge for all those who have the original PS4 base game.

The company has published today a trailer in which, in addition to announcing this patch, has also let us see how The Last of Us Part II will be improved on PS5: once the 1.08 patch is downloaded, the second part of Naughty Dog’s work will allow us to choose whether we want to play at 30 fps or 60 fps, a new option that joins the new generation improvements already available in the game, such as its improved resolution or faster loading times, among others.

This patch improves the performance of Naughty Dog’s game on PS5, but The Last of Us Part II still works in backward compatibility mode. That is, it is not a native version, but an update that improves the framerate so that this title reaches 60 fps.

At Digital Foundry they have published a technical analysis of this 299 MB patch and in it they explain that the game makes use of the console’s backward compatibility to offer the technical improvements that were also available on PS4 Pro, which means, among other things, that it maintains its resolution at 2560×1440. Nor is there a substantial improvement in loading times: we have already seen on previous occasions that the backwards compatible on PS5 do not take full advantage of the speed of its SSD, and The Last of Us Part II, with seconds of difference with respect to its PS4 Pro version, is no exception.

The main improvement we will perceive will be the one that runs the game at 60 fps, which is now the standard for the game on PS5, although those people who wish to return to 30 fps can choose it in the options menu. But how stable are The Last of Us Part II’s 60 fps on PS5? According to the technical analysis available above these lines, Naughty Dog has achieved a very stable framerate in which there are hardly any drops in the frame rate per second.


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