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Video captures the incredible moment a meteorite falls on Indonesia’s most active volcano


The instant in which a meteorite fell into the crater of the Merapi volcano in Indonesia has gone viral after the incredible moment was immortalized in a series of images that have captivated the world.

The video, recorded on May 27 by security cameras, shows the bright flash of the meteorite as it descends into the heart of the volcano.

Surprisingly, it was not the only lens that managed to capture the phenomenon, as a photographer who was just taking snapshots of the volcano, managed to immortalize the exact moment. “It was super bright and fast. This is an authentic photograph. I took a four-second exposure,” he recounted on his social networks.

Merapi volcano, also known as ‘Fire Mountain’, has been in the spotlight before, as it is the most active volcano in the country and has erupted almost 70 times for as long as anyone knows.



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