The world’s largest meat producer, JBS, has closed its plants in the United States, Canada and Australia due to a cyber-attack that the White House has assured “probably came from a criminal organization based in Russia”.

The White House deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has stated that “JBS notified the Administration that the ransom demand came from a criminal organization, probably based in Russia”.

“The White House is engaging directly with the Russian government on this matter and is conveying the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals,” she added.

The attack occurred since this weekend and the company has reported that it has made “significant progress” and will have the “vast majority” of its plants operational on Wednesday.

In May, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve U.S. cybersecurity after the computer attack on the Colonial pipeline, the country’s most important oil pipeline.

At the time, the White House recalled “the SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange incidents” as a “sobering reminder that U.S. public and private sector entities are increasingly facing damaging and sophisticated cyber activity from both state actors and cybercriminals.”


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