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The opposition to the Israeli government closes a deal to oust Benjamin Netanyahu from power


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could soon leave power. The government opposition has managed to close a pact to unseat the current ruler of the country. What is striking about this coalition is that almost all parties of different ideologies would form the next Israeli government.

According to the main opposition leader, Yair Lapid, who is in charge of forming the government in Israel, the new government formula would include an Arab party for the first time in Israel’s history. In addition, the first two years of government would be led by the religious ultranationalist Naftali Benet and by the secular centrist, Yair Lapid, for the following two years. Netanyahu had tried to achieve something similar, but failed to convince the parties.

According to the agreement reached, the functioning of the Government will be divided into two large groups. On the one hand, there will be Yair Lapid’s team and all the formations it manages to attract. On the other hand, there will be the New Right and any allies it manages to attract. The ministries will be divided between these blocs, although the one of the main opinion leader will have more weight. He has also explained that, in principle, legislation that causes problems during the first year will be frozen.

“I am proud to inform you that I have managed to form a Government. I give you my word that this will be a Government at the service of all Israeli citizens, those who voted for it and those who did not. It will respect its opponents and will do everything possible to unite all parts of Israeli society,” Lapid told President Reuven Rivlin, according to the daily Hareetz. An editor of the newspaper also published on his Twitter profile a photograph that he described as historic, since “for the first time, a leader of an Arab-Israeli party and the leaders of a Jewish nationalist party sign an agreement to join a government”.




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