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Oppositionist Dmitry Gudkov leaves Russia for fear of imprisonment for anti-Putin views


The Russian opponent Dimitri Gudkov has announced this Sunday his arrival in Ukraine after fleeing his country for fear of being imprisoned for the “false cases” opened against him by the Russian judicial authorities.

Gudkov has indicated through his account on the social network Facebook that he is in Kiev, where he will hold a series of meetings, after “sources close” to the Russian Presidency warned him that he would be arrested “if he did not flee the country”.

Thus, he has denounced that the objective of the authorities is to open these cases “to prevent him from running in the elections and to take him out of the country until the day of the vote”. “I hope that my departure will make the zeal of the gendarmes diminish,” he has added.

“My decision has been supported by my family and friends, who have also received anonymous messages about threats and risks,” the oppositionist has said in his message, without any statement from the Russian authorities for the time being.

Gudkov, a former Duma deputy, was detained last week for 48 hours in a case of non-payment of rent for commercial premises between 2015 and 2017 for which he would face a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The arrest of the opposition figure came days after that of the former executive director of the Open Russia organization, Andrei Pivovarov as he fled on a plane from St. Petersburg to Warsaw, after the NGO was declared by the authorities to be “undesirable.”

Despite all this, there are still idiots who shamelessly claim that Russia is a democracy comparable to those of Western Europe.


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