The kidnapped daughter of Dubai’s emir, Princess Latifa has appeared in another social media post, in which she is seen in Spain during an alleged vacation.

Princess Latifa al Maktoum, whose whereabouts have largely been a mystery since she was arrested fleeing Dubai in 2018 and dragged back home by armed forces, appeared alongside her British friend Shered Taylor in an image.

Taylor, a teacher, former Royal Navy sailor and employee of Dubai’s royal family, uploaded the image to her Instagram with a caption that read, “Great European holiday with Latifa. We had fun exploring.” In the image you can recognize Barajas Terminal 4, it was later confirmed that it was taken from Madrid airport.

It is the last public appearance of Latifa after several months allegedly locked up in a “prison-palace” in Dubai. A month ago, images were also published of the princess in a Dubai shopping mall with two courtesans.

However, concerns about Latifa’s safety persist, as she has not spoken directly, they are always images published by people working for the royal family’s entourage.

The first image, posted on Instagram last May 21, appears to show Latifa at the Mall of the Emirates with two women, one of whom has been identified as Mrs. Taylor, who is seated to the left of the princess. The other woman has been identified as Lynda Bouchikhi, a French-Algerian event manager.

Then a second snapshot showed Latifa sitting next to Mrs. Taylor on the balcony of an Italian restaurant called Bice Mara, with the Dubai skyline in the background. And a third image appeared to show Latifa sitting next to a third woman, identified as the self-styled psychic medium Fiona Day.

Taylor, who is believed to have met Latifa through her passion for skydiving, posted the latest image on her Instagram page on Sunday.

When a netizen asks Taylor about Latifa’s condition, she replies that “she’s great” with a thumbs-up emoji, but doesn’t directly clarify the question.

Concerns about Princess Latifa’s condition first surfaced in 2018, when it emerged that she had attempted to flee Dubai, and denounced the controlling clutches of her father, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

After enlisting the help of skydiving instructor Tiina Jauhiainen and a former French spy, Herve Jaubert, he left the United Arab Emirates for Oman, where he boarded a ship and sailed to what he hoped would be a safe haven in India. But, as the trio approached the coast, they were ambushed by armed Indian commandos and taken back to the Emirates, where Latifa all but disappeared from public view.

Until now, she has been making her presence felt on social networks, but without speaking out directly. Always through third parties, which gives the impression of being remote-controlled.



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