The Indian variant of Covid is of concern at a time of tense calm in the pandemic. Israel has surpassed this Tuesday for the first time in months the hundred of covid positives in the middle of a progressive increase of cases with more than 90% infected by the Delta variant, among which 40% were vaccinated.

The country, with more than nine million inhabitants, had practically returned to normality and a week ago cancelled the compulsory wearing of masks indoors, with a morbidity rate at its lowest since April. The positivity rate has risen from 0.1% to 0.3%. The Delta variant from India has also slowed down de-escalation in the UK and Portugal and is of concern in Germany and Spain.

However, this variant has so far not caused a large increase in coronavirus mortality in the UK and Portugal, although the increase in Covid-19 positives is pronounced.

The United Kingdom and Portugal recorded between 2 and 15 June 0.13 and 0.15 Covid-19 deaths per million inhabitants, while between 19 May and 1 June they had 0.10 and 0.11 deaths per million, respectively, a slight increase in both cases. The increase in incidence in both countries is largely due to the spread of the delta variant of Covid-19.

Among the European countries that are improving their situation, however, there are some high mortality figures, such as Latvia, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria, which remain above two deaths per million inhabitants in the first two weeks of June, or Germany, Italy and Poland, which are above one death per million inhabitants.



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