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How escape room increases innovation and creativity


Nowadays, people are bound so much with their work and day-to-day activities that they don’t have enough space for motivation and creativity.

With the pleasant experience of solving puzzles, finding clues, unique themes, and ambiance, escape rooms also increase motivation from the team members and inner creativity to complete the tasks. Every person on the team gets their own chance to use their mind in a unique way and solve the puzzles to break out from the room.

Let’s have a close look at analyzing how escape rooms increase the motivation and creativity of a person.

Escape Before The Time Ticks Out

Escape rooms are activities that enhance timeliness, and groups typically have just sixty minutes to solve the puzzle or mystery. Dealing with timeliness can help in encouraging creative thinking in an individual. Players understand that with such a limited amount of time to solve a unique puzzle, the answer itself will likely be more interesting.

Eventually, the participants will quickly make decisions, test solutions, and continue working with the next idea if the one they took at first fails. Due to the limited amount of time available, the groups of players will be more willing to attempt a wide range of ideas and solutions rather than wasting time discussing the merits and concerns. Creative and cautious solutions have an equal chance of being attempted at present, and the players will be more likely to work on ideas that are out of the box.

Alarm clock
Alarm clock

A Unique Environment

Even if the group of players has completed an escape room before, each escape room is unique in terms of the riddles, the puzzles, the story, the ambiance, the theme, the concept, and many more. Every time it will give you a unique environment experience. Some may have more visual effects, while others may have distracting and creepy sounds. As you’ve never encountered a similar environment before, the lack of similarity will encourage creativity.

In most of the escape rooms, there is no obvious starting point, and the players will have to push their mental abilities to understand this new world of riddles and mysteries; and will have to find the solution to escape the room.


Team Collaboration

In today’s lifestyle, mostly all of the work we do is completed alone, from household activities to projects at work. Escape rooms give a chance to people to work in teams to successfully escape the room. When people who are accustomed to working independently come together for teamwork, they begin to think and work differently.

Now, each member must consider their teammates’ strengths, ideas, and thought processes while making decisions in escape rooms. The players may realize that because they have a team of people to support them, they can attempt better solutions that require multiple actions, which would not have been possible by a solo player.


Analyzing Clues & Hints

What are Puzzles? As players work through escape room mystery-solving activity, they use the information gained from every clue and hint given by the master. They are a series of trials and errors, and each failure pushes the participants to consider a more creative way than the last one. The participants continue making out-of-the-box guesses to finally come up with the correct solution, using creativity to test each solution, analyze it, and choose the best options out of many.


Solving The Riddles

Some escape rooms contain encoded language, perplexing instructions, and riddles that lead to the clues. As they’re not written in plain language, players must think creatively to crack the mystery. Many times, if looked closely, the room’s theme also gives clues and ideas to the players or begins another trial and error process of choosing and testing different solutions.

Riddles, in particular, encourage people to think differently and to understand what meanings of words, symbols, and other devices to understand the riddle’s meaning. As a bonus, these code-breaking activities can encourage better communication skills in people.

Friendly Competition

Escape rooms are fast-paced competitive events. The natural desire of every player to win the game will eventually come out in the given course of time, but in the end, it’s just a game. Knowing that there are or will be no consequences may encourage people to think more creatively than if they were faced with serious consequences after receiving their results. After all, what really do they have to lose? Nothing much, just a game. While sometimes, losing too teaches a person many things and also develops an urge to win the next time. These things are also much important in dealing with situations in a real-life scenario. And in the end, escape rooms are still a challenging, chilling, and thrilling experience.


Physical Involvement

Due to the growth in technology, almost all people are mostly involved in playing games and doing most of the activities on their electronic devices. These people are also excited when it comes to playing an escape room game and are ready to let go of their devices for the time they are in the room. As we know, the escape room deals with a lot of physical work too, where players have to move themselves to find the clues.

Where people have almost forgotten the fun of playing an actual game with friends or families rather than being on their electronic devices for the whole time, the escape room provides them the opportunity to enhance fun and entertainment.


In a world where there is a lack of motivation and creativity in most of the places, escape rooms give space to these two important things, which can also be used by people in real-life situations if they get used to using the out-of-the-box ideas. Eventually, this will give the best results to any individual while facing a situation. With all the enhanced experience and fun factor, unknowingly, escape room games sharpens your mind.


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