Violence in the United States is once again making the news in the country’s news and the number of incidents involving firearms has reached a weekly record high. The country has recorded more than 900 shootings in just one week. Of these, 18 have been classified as mass shootings. Between Saturday 17 July and Friday 23 July, 430 people were killed and more than a thousand injured. This brings to more than 25,000 the number of people killed in firearms-related incidents so far this year.

Man responsible for Texas shooting stoned to death

A gunman has been shot dead after a shooting at a party in Fort Worth, Texas. The attacker, who opened fire, died after being chased by other partygoers who threw garden bricks at him, police sources confirm.

The shooter was hit several times with at least one brick, and the other partygoers managed to kill him. The names of those involved have not yet been released, and police authorities have not announced whether criminal charges will be filed.

According to Fort Worth police, the attacker had attended a party in the backyard of a house, left in disgust and later returned. It was here that the argument with other partygoers began, which preceded the shooting of one person. In addition, at least two people were injured.

The man ran away and the rest of the party started throwing bricks at him until he collapsed on the ground, from where he continued shooting. Police recovered the weapon that caused the incidents and the investigation is ongoing.

US baseball game called off due to shooting

On Saturday night, 17 July, a baseball game being played by the Washington Nationals against the San Diego Padres was suspended because of a shooting outside the stadium.

Although it took place outside the stadium, the event upset all those attending the game, who tried to stay safe by heading towards the centre of the field, and even a woman who was part of the crowd was injured. She was joined by two other people who remained in hospital until further notice.


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