US President Joe Biden does not rule out the possibility that the government could order vaccination against covid-19 for all Americans. On this matter, he has admitted that the White House is consulting on the matter.

Speaking to journalists after giving a speech in which he explained the new measures on vaccination, Biden acknowledged that he would like to see states, private companies or schools follow the line of making vaccination obligatory.

“I would like to see them move in that direction,” said the US president, who has asked the courts to determine whether it can be done legally, because he does not know if the government can order mandatory vaccination for the whole country: “I don’t know yet. President Joe Biden also said that local communities can do it, as well as businesses.

This is the first time the US president has suggested the possibility of mandatory vaccination at a time when the country has seen a surge in covid-19 infections as a result of the spread of the delta variant.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted at a press conference on Tuesday that it is “not the role” of the federal government to mandate vaccination, and questioned whether it even has “the power” to do so legally.

The White House announced that it will force government workers to provide proof of vaccination against covid-19 if they do not want to be tested regularly.


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