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Hurricane Henri’ leaves at least 22 dead in Tennessee


Hurricane Henri is causing panic in the United States. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and floods are the main effects of the hurricane, which started just a few hours ago but is already hitting the North American country with force.

The winds will exceed 100 kilometres per hour and the rivers have overflowed, causing serious flooding that has left this viral image.

Tennessee has borne one of the brunt of Hurricane Henri. At least 22 people have already died from the effects of the storm. More than 45 people are missing.

Hundreds of families have lost everything due to heavy floods and rains of historic proportions. The troops have been working in the area for the last few hours to minimise the losses, both personal and material, as much as possible.

The Tennessee National Guard announced the deployment of 50 troops in response to the severe flooding and the dispatch of a helicopter to conduct water rescues.

US President Joe Biden pledged to support those states hardest hit by Hurricane Henri, which has left historic flooding in parts of the US.


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