At least 110 civilians and 13 US Armed Forces soldiers have been killed in a string of attacks on Kabul airport claimed by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

US intelligence had warned of an imminent terrorist attack on the international Afghan evacuation operation.

Following the three deadly blasts, possibly carried out by suicide bombers, which also wounded around 100 people, the United States vowed revenge against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Visibly shaken, Joe Biden promised in a speech to the nation that his country will neither forgive nor forget these attacks. And hardening his tone of voice, he cried out against IS: “We will hunt you down and we will make you pay”.

With the deadline for US troop withdrawal set for 31 August, it remains to be seen whether operations to evacuate Afghans from the country can be sustained on Friday, despite Biden’s assurances that they will continue.


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