The prolonged shortage of truck drivers in the UK is causing more headaches for businesses and consumers. Executives at Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain, have told the government they are concerned about hoarder shopping and the build-up to Christmas. They fear that empty shelves will make the problems worse when their peak season arrives. The BP oil company has also closed some of its service stations because it is not able to move fuel around the country as it used to.

Pandemic labor shortages are compounded in Britain by Brexit, and the shortages are especially acute in the transport sector. The changes in immigration rules brought about by Brexit coincided with the pandemic. And now that life is back to normal, British companies cannot hire new drivers from the continent as easily as before.

Boris Johnson’s government won’t budge and tells employers to look for Brits to fill their vacancies. But businesses are calling on the government to come to its senses and relax its immigration rules.


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