Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen stressed Friday that she “does not seek military confrontation”, but warned that she “will do whatever it takes to defend the freedom and democratic way of life” of the island, which faces strong tensions with China.

Tsai referred, in the framework of the ‘Dialogue on Innovation and Progress in Asia’, held in Taipei, to the problems facing the Indo-Pacific region in this area, for which she hopes for a “peaceful, stable, predictable and mutually beneficial coexistence”, reports the Taiwanese agency CAN.

In this regard, the president expressed her commitment to regional actors to prevent conflicts in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

Tsai’s remarks follow her warnings about the “catastrophic consequences” of the island falling completely into China’s hands, a warning that stems from Beijing’s serious violation of “regional peace”, with the military dispatching nearly 150 fighter jets in the first four days of October.

This has been seen by Beijing as a show of “force”, but at the same time has drawn sharp criticism from the international community, especially from the United States, which is committed to the island’s defence. In fact, it was reported on Thursday that Washington has been training local forces for at least a year in the face of “threats” from China.

Beijing regards Taiwan as another province under its sovereignty and has assured that it will control the area, including through the use of force if necessary. Moreover, the government considers the island’s authorities to be separatists.


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