In barely three weeks, Nicaraguans are called to go to the polls, not to elect a president, but to validate a fraudulent election, loaded with irregularities and, above all, rigged from the beginning by the political prisoners and exiles that Sandinismo has provoked for the last three months.

The electoral atmosphere in Nicaragua is marked by persecution, threats and insults. There is no independent justice that would allow the various candidates, who until recently aspired to run against the autocrat Daniel Ortega and his controversial wife Rosario Murillo, to pretend to comply with the necessary alternability of any democracy.

The latest poll published by the Gallup research agency, reveals that 69% of Nicaraguans consider that Ortega does “little or nothing” for the country. At the same time, the same study reveals that 65% would vote for a candidate other than the current president. Such numbers explain the authoritarian barrage of the leftist populist and his wife to avoid leaving power.

On the other hand, the truth is that one of the great evils of the Central American country has been the accommodation of important business and media groups in favor of the regime throughout these 14 years. Both Ortega and some of these businessmen have benefited from a convenient relationship: “He rules and we earn money in exchange for silence”. The formula has been devastating. Ortega has used them, the opposition has practically disappeared, and the Nicaraguan people are at the gates of a new trap that will further screw a presidential couple that seems far from leaving power.


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