New York will once again be one of the most sought-after and visited cities in the United States after the White House announced that, as of November 8, its air and land borders will be reopened to tourists. Likewise, citizens of the United Kingdom or the European Union, as well as Mexicans or Canadians, will be able to return to sightsee on U.S. soil.

But before returning, you should know that drugs and violence have shaken the city, junkies and drug addicts are the kings of the district and even the police have surrendered in a battle that seemed to have been won, but the authorities have had to take the white flag and order their agents to allow the aforementioned to take drugs freely in the city, to sell and even share their injections.

“Effective immediately, service members should take no enforcement action against any person possessing a hypodermic needle, even when it contains residue of a controlled substance,” states a directive to NYPD commanders issued last Friday and obtained by “The New York Post.”

The decriminalization of hard drug paraphernalia represents a sharp turn by Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. The measure has been in effect since Oct. 7, and originated in New York City, proposed by a state senator and enacted by Gov. Hochul in Manhattan.

The drug, little by little, is being legalized in many places in the United States, and although its use is illegal, it is becoming very normalized in the North American country. See the example of Kensington, the “zombie” neighborhood of Philadelphia, where drugs and violence are the main protagonists of this district of the American city, having taken over the streets and transformed the place into a horror movie atmosphere.


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