The Austrian Minister of Defense has already warned. Klaudia Tanner assured that, after having supervised military maneuvers and actions, there is a high possibility of an electrical blackout affecting all kinds of services such as computers, cell phones and household lighting. The blackout would not only take place in Austria, but would extend to the whole of Europe.

Klaudia Tanner said that the question was not whether there would be a blackout, but “the question is when. She also stated that this danger is ”underestimated by everyone” when it could have catastrophic consequences.

To raise awareness among the population, the government has decided to launch an awareness campaign that will be present throughout the month. Not only will it be present in the media, but also thousands of posters have been distributed in Austrian cities. This was also confirmed by the minister on her social networks.


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The main slogan of the campaign is ”What to do when everything stops” and seeks to raise awareness among the population about what measures to take when the blackout occurs. Authorities advise buying enough food for several days, having fuel, candles, batteries and plenty of drinking water. Another effective measure would be to agree on a meeting point with family and friends and try to collaborate with neighbors as much as possible.

This blackout may cause traffic lights, ATMs, telephones or the internet to stop working for the general population. This is not an isolated case, but has already happened, for example, in Quebec, Canada in 1989.

Why a blackout now?

The authorities have not confirmed a specific cause, but it may be due to technical failures, system malfunctions or overloads due to peak demand.

Austria has decided to work towards making all its barracks self-sufficient by 2025. The Army has moved from words to deeds with an 18-month preparation in which drills and activities have been carried out to speed up the response in the event of a blackout. In the event of a blackout, the main task of the Armed Forces is to supply and support other emergency organizations.

In 2017 they predicted a global pandemic

As national media claim, this is not the first time that the Austrian military has been correct in a prediction. Already in 2017 they talked about a possible pandemic paralyzing the world in the next decade, something that ended up coming true.

That’s why the Interior Ministry has tried to develop protocols such as deploying police authorities to prevent people from taking advantage of the blackout to loot establishments and regulate traffic in case traffic lights are not working. Karl Nehammer, Austrian Minister of the Interior has stated that a blackout would be ”one of the greatest threats to a modern state”.

The risk of a blackout is increased by the weather. Very extreme temperatures and cold and heat waves can be determinant for an electrical blackout not so far away.


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