Christian Schmidt, senior representative of the Peace Accords Monitoring Committee for Bosnia and Herzegovina, has warned that the country is in “imminent” danger of disintegration and that there is a “very real” prospect of a return to conflict, according to a UN report.

According to Schmidt, Serb separatists have threatened to recreate their own army, which would split the national armed forces in two. If they were to carry out their warning, a new war would ensue. The report, which was delivered to U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres last Friday, warns that Bosnia faces “the greatest existential threat of the post-war period.”

The delivery of this report comes as the UN security council was renewing its annual resolution. Moscow is threatening to block the resolution unless all references to this representative are removed, as the Kremlin opposed his appointment and refuses to recognize his authority. “.

These agreements refer to the peace treaty signed in 1995 by which Croatia and Serbia ended the Bosnian war in which, logically. The agreements were promoted by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, signed in Dayton (USA) and ratified in Paris. With the signing of the Agreement, the three Balkan states undertook to conduct their relations in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, with which they would fully respect “the sovereign equality of the others” and settle disputes by peaceful means, refraining “from any act, by threat or use of force or otherwise, against the territorial integrity or political independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina or any other State”. In addition, the Federal Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized each other as “independent sovereign states within their international borders”.


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