The Tverskoi district court in Moscow has detained a young Russian woman for posting a “provocative” photograph via social networks and showing the Kremlin in the background. In a statement, the court has indicated that Ksenia Damova has been found guilty of committing an administrative offense and will remain in police custody for at least two weeks.

The image, as court sources explained to Sputnik news agency, showed the young woman with her “buttocks in the air” in front of the Kremlin. In late October, the court sentenced Tajik blogger Ruslan Bobier and his friend Anastasia Chistova to ten months in prison for disseminating an also “provocative” photo showing St. Basil’s Cathedral on Moscow’s Red Square.

This was the first such sentence under the law covering offenses to religious feelings, criminalized in the Russian Criminal Code since 2013. However, the Oktyabrskiy district court, meanwhile, refused on October 31 to apply this same penalty to Irina Vokova, a local resident also accused of spreading a photo in her underwear in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

RT reports on other prominent nudity cases pending resolution. One concerns Russian OnlyFans star Lola Bunny (Lolita Bogdanova), investigated for “insulting the religious feelings of believers” after showing her breasts in Red Square. The Russian media says she apologized and claims the video was leaked without her consent.

Ksenia Damova


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