The Secretary General of the Polisario Front and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Brahim Ghali, announced, during the ceremony of the transfer of power to the new Chief of Staff of his troops, that ”the Moroccan army of occupation will taste again the bitterness of the defeats suffered during the last sixteen years of war waged against the Saharawi Popular Army of Liberation”. A week ago he already said he was going to intensify hostilities. The speech coincides in time with the speech to be delivered by the King of Morocco on the occasion of the anniversary of the “Green March”, which gave way to the occupation of the Sahara by Rabat.

He added that his army is fully prepared and ready to fight the enemy, as it did during the 16 years of the last war, referring to the first war of liberation of Western Sahara. He affirmed that ”the Moroccan enemy and its allies, however cunning and harmful they may be, will not be able to eliminate the Saharawi people, as it is determined to take away their legitimate rights to freedom and independence, however great sacrifices it may entail”.

He took the occasion to reiterate his condemnation of the “flagrant attack” on Algerian civilians by drones belonging to the Moroccan enemy, denouncing that ”this attack signals the aggressiveness of the Moroccan regime and shows the extent of its hostility, not only towards the Saharawi people but to the peoples of the region.”


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