In the German capital, what the Russian authorities have called a tragic event and the country’s press describes as a spy “thriller” has taken place. On October 19, the lifeless body of a man was found on the sidewalk outside the Russian Embassy in Behrenstraße, although the facts only became known this weekend. It appears that he was a Russian diplomatic worker and had fallen to the ground from a window of the building. According to the “Tagesspiegel” newspaper, the man was the second secretary of the Russian embassy and had been working in Berlin since 2019.

The weekly “Der Spiegel” assures that the deceased, 35 years old, would have been considered by the German secret services as a camouflaged worker of the Russian internal espionage service, the FSB. The “Bellingcat” platform has published that the deceased would also have family connections with the FSB, since his father would be an officer of the Russian state agency. The truth is that this research platform, financed by the European Union and the US National Endowment for Democracy, among other organizations, has carried out numerous investigations in which Russia comes off badly. On this occasion, the platform claims that there are connections between a department of the FSB, in which the father of the deceased would work, and the case of a Georgian citizen killed in August 2019 in a Berlin park. It could also be related to the poisoning of Alexei Nawalni.

The trial for the murder of the Georgian citizen is still taking place and the German Prosecutor’s Office believes that the death might have been ordered from a Russian state agency. The German Foreign Office assured that it was aware of the incident with the deceased in the embassy, without wishing to make any statements on the matter “for reasons of the right to privacy”.

They are also awaiting the outcome of the trial. Apparently, according to several media reports, the Prosecutor’s Office has not been able to initiate an investigation to clarify the death or to carry out an autopsy because the death occurred in the embassy building itself and because he was a diplomatic worker. The Russian Embassy would not have authorized the autopsy and the body has already been repatriated, explained several media, which assured that the embassy did not want to comment on the event.

The state media RT in German published, however, a statement in which the embassy assured that “all formalities have been fulfilled in relation to the repatriation of the deceased diplomat to his country”. The “usual practice of the German medical and judicial authorities” had been applied. Furthermore, he assures that “all the speculations that have been published in the Western media are totally incorrect”. In 2003, a similar case occurred in the same embassy, when a guard of the building also died when he fell out of a window.


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