Several Greek media have uncovered a large-scale scam in the country involving vaccinations against COVID-19. They allege that, in numerous vaccination centers, bribes were allegedly accepted to vaccinate with sterile water those who did not want to receive the injection, but did want to enjoy the benefits of the certificate, such as access to certain activities.

What many of these antivaccinationists did not know is that, after paying a bribe of about 400 euros, some of these nurses and doctors injected them with the real coronavirus vaccine anyway, according to Keep Talking Greece.

According to the Greek newspaper To Vima, between 100 and 200 vaccination centers – out of the 2,000 vaccination centers in Greece – are allegedly involved in the scandal, and between 200 and 300 doctors and nurses are said to have accepted bribes. In total, it is estimated that some 100,000 citizens have tried to obtain vaccination certificates using these fraudulent methods.

According to the media, in multiple cases the workers accepted the bribes, but then administered the actual vaccine for fear of the possible consequences of not doing so. The Greek Police, however, has denied the information published by To Vima, although it has not specified on which points they are wrong.

If it is as the Greek media explains, the situation is morally complicated, because the health workers would have administered an injection to several people without their consent, but, in order to denounce, these people would have to admit the bribery.


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