Two months after the largest protests in Cuba in recent years took place last summer, the opposition is preparing to take to the streets again in a new demonstration on Monday, marked by an increase in government repression and harassment of the international press accredited on the island, which has materialized with the withdrawal of credentials to the Spanish Efe agency. The promoters of the march, grouped in the Archipelago movement, have called on the population to join the concentrations, not only with marches through the streets but also with symbolic gestures such as a pot-panning called for 8:00 p.m. (local time).

On Sunday, security forces already prevented activist and dissident Yunior Garcia Aguilera from crossing downtown Havana on foot in what was intended to be an advance of the protests. The playwright and activist remained blocked inside his house, incommunicado and guarded by numerous state security agents in civilian clothes. At one end of the street they had crossed an old yellow school bus to cut off traffic. The activist’s cell phone also had its calls restricted and, after a brief recording that he published through Facebook denouncing his confinement, he was left without internet access.

Archipiélago has also denounced pressure on its members in recent weeks, including summonses to the offices of the Public Prosecutor in the provinces where the demonstration has been planned. The movement has warned that the “dictatorial face” of the Government has translated into interrogations, threats and “even expulsions from work”. The Executive of Miguel Diaz-Canel, meanwhile, has defended its veto against the “counterrevolutionary provocation”. For the Cuban Foreign Ministry, those who sought “the failure of socialism” with the July 11 protests “are frustrated and in a hurry in their plans”, for which reason they are conspiring with “destabilizing actions” with a view to “provoking the incident that will lead to the social explosion that will bring about the longed-for military intervention”.


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