At least five people have died and about 40 have been injured after a red SUV rammed into a massive Christmas parade in Wisconsin (United States). An unexpected act before which the authorities ruled out a possible terrorist attack.

It all happened around 16:40 local time, when a red vehicle jumped the security fences and drove through the crowd without looking, ramming the attendees of a Christmas parade that was taking place in the U.S. city of Waukesha, in the state of Wisconsin. The result: at least five dead and some 40 injured.

“I am deeply saddened to know that so many people in our community attended a parade and ended up dealing with injuries and pain,” said the mayor of the city, Shawn Reilly, who lamented that “today our community was faced with horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration”. And it happened just days before Thanksgiving.

Police investigation of the accident

For his part, the chief of the local police department, Daniel Thompson, acknowledged that what happened “was very tragic, very chaotic, although there are no other threats. In any case, for security reasons, they have asked citizens not to go to the center of the town.

And it was only 20 minutes into the parade when this red SUV took dozens of people by surprise. Children dancing peacefully watched as a car passed them just a few centimeters away. Others, less fortunate, were hit. A dozen children had to be taken to hospitals.

The police took seconds to pursue the individual in the red SUV and asked the public to avoid going to the center. Security officials also urged caution until the investigation is completed.

24/11/2021 update

The death toll from last Sunday’s hit-and-run at a Christmas parade in Waukesha (Wisconsin, USA) rose to 6 dead and 62 injured, authorities announced Tuesday. The death toll rose after the death on Monday of a child who had suffered injuries.

This was announced by Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper during the first appearance of the suspect in the incident, Darrell Brooks, who appeared in court in the Milwaukee suburb.


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