More than 80 robbers coordinated a robbery at a store in California overnight Saturday and so far only three people, two men and one woman, have been arrested. The Walnut Police Department reported that the robbers entered the store around closing time and were armed with crowbars and ski masks so they would not be recognized.

After robbing the store in just a few minutes, they ran off with some of the items they wanted to steal. They then quickly jumped into cars they had left ready in the vicinity of the store.

Organized robbery

When they saw what was happening, the store employees began calling 911. Three of them were injured, one by being pepper sprayed and the other two were beaten by the robbers. For the police officers investigating the incident, it was an organized robbery. In videos that some users have shared on social networks, the hooded men can be seen entering the store and also running out of the area with the stolen items.

Arrested for the robbery

Of the more than 80 thieves who robbed the store, only 3 have been arrested, two men and one woman, from whom a firearm may have been recovered. The manager of PF Chang’s Brett Barrette’s restaurant near this store closed his doors when he saw the situation. He told ABC 7 News, “We probably saw 50 to 80 people with ski masks, metal bars and various weapons.”

Now, police officers are investigating what happened to try to find the thieves or what was taken from the store.


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