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JRR Token, the Lord of the Rings cryptocurrency that has been forced to shut down


Creating a cryptocurrency is not difficult, the hard part is getting people to invest in it. The thing is that some Lord of the Rings fans decided to create a cryptocurrency called JRR Token, thus taking advantage of the play on words. The result was as expected, as the UK-based estate of the famous “Lord of the Rings” author filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization a day after the cryptocurrency went on sale.

They sold it as “The one token that rules them all,” and created two domains jrrtoken and thetokenofpower, with images reminiscent of characters from Middle Earth. One featured a hobbit’s house, the other a Gandalf-like wizard.

The copyright owners’ lawyers had it easy:

Tolkien’s estate has a duty to protect JRR Tolkien’s name and the content of his much-loved books. This was a particularly egregious case of infringement, seeking financial gain by associating cryptocurrency with JRR Tolkien’s name and literary works.

No word on whether there is a fine or not, but the sites have deleted all their content, and the cryptocurrency hasn’t had a day in the sun, although the name idea wasn’t all bad.

It is possible that now, with the case, the owners of the rights to LOTR will decide to get down to business and enter an industry that seems to have no limits.


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