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British court upholds U.S. decision and authorizes Julian Assange’s extradition


The United States has won Friday an appeal to the Court of Appeal in London against a ruling last January that had denied the extradition of Wikileaks activist Julian Assange to that country because of the risk of suicide.

The judges of this court have concluded that the U.S. government has offered sufficient guarantees that Assange will receive adequate treatment to protect his mental health and ruled that he can be extradited.

A few days ago, the director of the WikiLeaks portal, Icelandic journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson, considered it “totally unacceptable” that the High Court in London could rule this week in favor of the United States in its appeal for Australian activist Julian Assange to be extradited. The Icelander made his point of view and under the argument that there is a “risk of suicide”.

Extradition order

The founder of WikiLeaks, whom the United States accuses of several espionage crimes and for whom it is asking 175 years in prison, accumulates several years in search by the American country.

An extradition order had been requested to the United Kingdom to try him in the United States, but at the beginning of the year the British judge in charge decided not to approve the request due to the risk to Assange’s health.

His wife, whom he married while in prison, has been among the first to comment on the ruling by which the British Justice will allow the extradition. She has called it a “grave miscarriage of justice” and asked on Twitter: “How can it be fair, how can it be right, how can it be possible, to extradite Julian to the same country that conspired to kill him?”.

Leaked documents

The United States did not take kindly to the leaks and documents Assange published through WikiLeaks in 2010. They made it possible to demonstrate a variety of war crimes carried out by the U.S. military. Torture or murder of civilians and journalists are some of them. Thus, the U.S. has been trying for more than 10 years to get him to step on its soil in order to try him and, almost certainly, convict him.

For its part, also in 2010, Sweden requested his extradition, as Assange was accused of rape and sexual abuse. The WikiLeaks co-founder denied the facts and declared that it was just a maneuver to be tried in the U.S., so he decided to seek asylum in Ecuador and took refuge in its embassy in London since 2012. Finally, Sweden closed the case in 2019.


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