Multiple employees of e-commerce giant Amazon were trapped Friday inside a warehouse of the company after the collapse of this building located in Edwardsville (Illinois, USA), an area in which severe weather was recorded, including a tornado.

This was reported by authorities and local media, who explained that both the Saint Clair County Emergency Services and the Edwardsville Fire Department immediately went to the affected building after the first alerts to start the rescue of the trapped workers.

Despite those reports, the exact number of workers inside the warehouse and whether there were serious injuries or major damage is unknown at this time.

Amazon also did not immediately issue a statement on the matter.

The building collapse became known shortly after a tornado touched down in that location at around 20:30 local time.

Edwardsville, a small town of about 25,000 inhabitants, is located near the border between Illinois and Missouri, about 450 kilometers southwest of Chicago.


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