Malta became this Tuesday the first EU country to legalize the cultivation and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes. It will be possible to possess up to seven grams and grow four plants per person over the age of 18.

But consumption in public will remain illegal and doing so in front of a child will be punishable by a fine of up to 500 euros. More than seven, and up to 28 grams, the possessor risks being fined 100 euros (about 113 dollars).

Malta, a country traditionally conservative on social issues, had already decriminalized in 2015 the possession of small amounts of cannabis and three years later adopted a legal framework, which aims to become a center for the production of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Other European countries plan to do the same as Malta. Luxembourg had announced in October 2021 the intention to authorize the cultivation of marijuana in homes and its consumption in the private sphere, while the new German government considers legalizing it for recreational use.

In the Netherlands, the possession, consumption and retail sale of up to five grams of cannabis has been tolerated since 1976 in “coffee shops”. Spain, on the other hand, admits production for personal consumption, although its trade and consumption in public are prohibited.


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