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Google to fire workers who do not get vaccinated


Since the implementation of the different vaccines to combat the effects of COVID-19, governments, through the health system, have done what is necessary so that citizens can have access to these vaccines and thus obtain the doses required to eradicate the advance of this disease.

While many have responded to the call to get vaccinated, others have preferred to stay away and refuse to be vaccinated, alleging different reasons, some of them bordering on the extreme of conspiracy.

The latter has led both governments and companies to establish limits for people who decide to skip this measure.

In this regard, Google, one of the best known companies in the technology sector, has taken a position on the matter, recently informing that it is contemplating the possibility of firing those employees who decide not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

This action follows the approval of a decree issued by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, last September, which establishes that all companies with a payroll of more than 100 employees will be required to have each of them vaccinated in order to continue their work. Otherwise, the company must carry out weekly tests.

In addition, employees will be required to provide Big G with their vaccination test data so that it can be uploaded into a system by January 13, 2022.

After this time, any employee who does not comply with these guidelines will be subject to a dismissal process executed in stages, i.e., they will receive a leave of absence in force for 7 months with 100% paid for the first month.

If in the remaining 6 months the employee continues to refuse to be vaccinated, then Google proceeds to remove the employee from their duties and terminate their employment.

In statements provided, Google stated that its vaccination requirements represented a fair measure to maintain health safety within its workforce to ensure continuity of its services.

The company also indicated that it is committed to doing everything necessary to facilitate access to vaccines for its employees.

While these measures would not apply to those employees who are working remotely, it is likely that next year they will need to be vaccinated, as Google expects the majority of its workforce to be onsite a couple of days a week.


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