Denmark is preparing to lift all existing restrictions against the coronavirus. According to the newspaper “Jyllands-Posten“, quoting anonymous sources, the Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen, will appear on Wednesday evening after a consultative meeting of the Government to announce the end of all anti-Covid measures as of January 31. Only travel and quarantine restrictions will remain in place for four more weeks.

The commission of epidemiologists advising the Danish government during the pandemic has come to this conclusion after finding that the coronavirus no longer poses a serious social threat thanks to the widespread immunization achieved among the population by the enormous spread of the omicron and the high vaccination rate.

It is precisely the category of “serious social threat” that is the legal justification for the Danish authorities to impose restrictions. Two weeks ago, the closure of cultural activities was lifted with the reopening of cinemas, theaters and nightclubs, but the early closure of the hospitality industry and the use of masks are still in force.

“We have a new epidemic situation where high and increasing transmissions are not being transferred to hospital admissions to the same extent as before,” the epidemiologists explain in their recommendations, the daily Politiken reports.

However, the spread of infection remains high in Denmark. On Tuesday, just over 46,000 new cases of covid-19 were recorded and more than one in five people (21.8%) who have been tested in the last 24 hours tested positive, the highest proportion during the entire pandemic.

While daily infection totals have continued to rise in recent weeks, the number of patients hospitalized with covid-19 has not increased by the corresponding amount and patients admitted to ICUs have begun to decline. The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus now stands at 918.

Health authorities estimate that 30-40% of those currently in the hospital with a positive coronavirus test are there for reasons other than covid-19. Specifically, 222 of the 918 patients admitted to psychiatric wards who have coronavirus, but this was not their reason for admission.

In total, 44 patients are being treated in intensive care units for covid-19, and 28 of them are being treated with a ventilator. This figure has been falling steadily since the peak of 82 hospitalized in ICU on January 6.


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