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Mudslide devastates a Quito neighborhood, leaving more than 30 dead and dozens missing

NewsMudslide devastates a Quito neighborhood, leaving more than 30 dead and dozens missing

Nearly 30 people have died, dozens are missing and half a hundred have been injured after a mudslide swept through an entire neighborhood in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, triggered by heavy rainfall that has caused the heaviest flooding in the city in the last 20 years.

In one of the videos recorded by neighbors, a man can be seen struggling to avoid being engulfed by the mud, to the screams of witnesses watching the scene. Many of these images show real rivers of mud occupying entire streets and destroying everything in their path.

The mayor of the city, Santiago Guarderas, said on Tuesday that the floods had partially or completely destroyed dozens of homes, in addition to dragging in their path all kinds of vehicles: cars, motorcycles and trucks.

The damage is incalculable, as well as the material damage. Many families have had to be evacuated.

Overflowing of a reservoir

One of the reservoirs built to capture rainwater in the mountain, with a capacity of 4,500 cubic meters, overflowed because an accumulation of 20,000 cubic meters is estimated, the mayor explained.

He also said that a comprehensive plan for the protection of the mountain slopes must be prepared, which will ultimately involve a reforestation process in the area. Governmental, state and local government entities have collaborated with solidarity aid for the Municipality of Quito, the mayor added.

The heavy downpour that fell this Monday in the capital coincided with a wave of storms that have affected much of the country, especially some provinces of the Andean highlands and the coastal area.

According to ECU-911 reports, some areas of the Andean provinces of Cotopaxi and coastal Los Rios have also been affected by overflowing rivers.


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