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A man changes sex to be able to retire and collect a better pension a year earlier in Switzerland

NewsA man changes sex to be able to retire and collect a better pension a year earlier in Switzerland

Retiring and collecting a decent pension has become a real utopia for many, who receive a very meager allowance or fear that they will receive nothing when the time comes for them to retire. However, there are always those who resort to picaresque tricks and are willing to do anything to collect earlier and more. This is the case of a citizen of Lucerne, Switzerland, who has legally changed his sex to obtain advantages in this regard.

This man has taken advantage of a new Swiss law, in force since January 1 this year, which allows any resident of the country to change his sex and name in the civil registry, without the need to provide much more information or document than the “intimate conviction” that his gender does not correspond to his sex, according to Gizmodo, which cites local media.

Thus, legally registered as a man until now, he changed his sex to female in just four days without the obligation to present any medical document or from an official body. All this, as he acknowledged to his family and friends and as reported by the aforementioned media, was done only to benefit from certain advantages enjoyed by women in Switzerland.

In the Central European country, women can retire at the age of 64, while men must wait until 65. In addition, they enjoy certain benefits that men lack to compensate for the gap in these allowances after retirement.

According to local media, there are theoretically regulations in place to prevent citizens from taking advantage of the new law, as in this case, but officials are not required to check the motivations of the person requesting the sex change and usually assume that their reasons are real.

When this case went viral, some people identified other flaws in the law, such as the possibility of evading military service by registering as a woman. For the time being, this man’s case is in the hands of the courts and it will be up to the judges to decide whether he acted in a “manifestly abusive” manner.


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