The city of New York plans to lay off this Friday about three thousand municipal employees who have refused to be vaccinated against covid-19 despite the rules imposed by the City Council to its workers.

This is the first round of layoffs for this reason that will be carried out by the Big Apple and those affected will be public workers who were on leave and have not provided proof of having been vaccinated.

This figure represents less than one percent of the total number of municipal employees, since the local administration employs some 370,000 people, 95 percent of whom have received at least one dose.

The New York City government has required its workers to get at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to keep their jobs, and is asking for two doses for all new hires.

This Friday, in addition to the first layoffs, will be the deadline for a thousand new workers to prove they have those two doses.

In total, some 13,000 municipal employees have applied for some kind of exemption to the rule on medical or religious grounds.

Several unions representing police, firefighters and teachers, among other groups, sued the city this week to invalidate the layoffs, although attempts to do so have so far been unsuccessful in New York courts.

Last Monday, several hundred people marched through the streets of the city to protest these requirements and to demand an end to the restrictions against covid-19 in a demonstration called on the occasion of the expiration of the deadline given to civil servants to get vaccinated.


  1. Is it normal for them to mix covid vaccines?
    On Tuesday I have an appointment for the third dose. In the first two pfizer and has told me that now it’s my turn to be modern.

    A friend in the same situation says he got very sick.


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