The Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered “to take measures to investigate” a series of complaints filed against the controversial journalist Ibrahim Issa, who described as “false” in his television program the journey of the Prophet Muhammad to the seventh heaven on the back of a winged creature, according to Islamic tradition. “The prosecutor general ordered to take action to investigate the complaints filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office against journalist Ibrahim Issa,” the body said in a brief statement posted on Facebook.

Egyptian local media reported that several lawyers and even parliamentarians denounced this controversial journalist, who is known for railing against the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed and persecuted in Egypt since the coming to power in 2013 of President Abdelfatah al Sisi.

In his TV program broadcast on Friday, Issa branded as a “false story” the Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Jerusalem to heaven on the back of a winged creature, something known as “Maaraj” (assumption, in Arabic) in the Quran but of which no details are given in the holy book.

These are the so-called “hadiths”, the writings narrating the life of the prophet, which specify how the prophet’s miraculous journey from earth to heaven and back was. Blasphemy is considered a crime in Egypt, a conservative country where about 90 % of its population is Muslim.

In addition to lashing out against the Muslim Brotherhood, Issa is also known for his pro-Al Sisi stance, who in 2013 perpetrated a coup against the Islamists who were in power for just one year.

It is common for the Egyptian judiciary to take action against journalists, bloggers and anyone else for statements deemed “blasphemous,” and some defendants have even been convicted and served time for this offense.


  1. I don’t know if we are going forward or backward.
    In a Council in Constantinople about 1000 years ago, more or less, they discussed about the sex of the Angels and they still have not clarified it.
    And now they are going on about the seventh heaven and similar nonsense.


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