The U.S. Senate unanimously approved on Tuesday to abolish the time change and keep daylight saving time to have brighter evenings, an initiative that must now be ratified by the House of Representatives.

The measure, which would take effect in November 2023, would make daylight saving time permanent, so that the United States would stop changing the time twice a year.

During the debate in the Upper House, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, the bill’s sponsor, called the time change “stupidity” and said that “most Americans want to stop setting the clock forward and backward”.

Rubio claimed that daylight saving time allows “spending more time outdoors in the afternoons” because there is more sunlight, in addition to, in his opinion, reducing crime. “I know this is not the most important issue for the United States, but it is one of the issues that generates the most consensus,” he added about the elimination of the time change.

In drafting the text, the senator agreed with the airlines and television networks the entry into force of this measure from November 2023 so that they have time to adapt.

The United States entered daylight saving time last weekend and will return to winter time next November, a change that has been made since the middle of the 20th century in much of the world to save energy.

If approved by the House of Representatives, the initiative will be sent to the President, Joe Biden, who has not yet ruled for or against enacting it.


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