European Parliament ratify extension of free roaming and EU citizens will be able to make calls and surf the Internet from anywhere without additional charges for another 10 years

The plenary of the European Parliament has ratified this Thursday the extension of roaming until 2032. Calls and mobile data consumption when European Union (EU) citizens travel in EU countries will continue to cost the same as in the place of residence for another 10 years. The European Parliament’s vote was the last hurdle to confirm the extension agreed last December with member countries.

The European Commission’s proposal to maintain the measure for another decade goes ahead. MEPs validated the measure with 581 votes in favor, 2 against and 5 abstentions. EU residents will have the right to surf the net at the same speed they have contracted in their own country.

Europe considers the functioning of ‘roaming’ a success and that operators have the necessary tools to detect possible network violations and that negative effects on national markets have been avoided. The EU eliminated in 2017 the additional cost for browsing while roaming, calling or sending SMS under the premise of using telephony “just like at home”.

The European Union has taken advantage of the review of ‘roaming’ to include new improvements to the free roaming system, such as the right of the user to have the same speed and quality of mobile connection in the EU location where he/she is. Provided that there are “equivalent” networks available. In case a consumer exceeds the contracted roaming limit, the additional charges may not exceed the wholesale roaming limits.

MEPs prohibit commercial practices that reduce the quality of ‘roaming’ services, such as switching a customer’s 5G connection to an inferior one when travelling within the EU. “The elimination of surcharges for using your mobile in another EU country is an unprecedented success story. It shows how we all benefit from the common market,” said European People’s Party MEP Angelika Winzig.


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