Zelenski has undergone an incredible physical change in just 41 days of war

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, went on Monday to the town of Bucha, which is located on the outskirts of the capital Kiev, after the massacre of more than 300 civilians. During his visit, Zelenski accused Russian troops of committing “war crimes and genocide” and supervised the destroyed areas and Russian equipment left in the vicinity.

However, one of the aspects that most struck users on Twitter about Zelenski’s visit was his shabby appearance, which contrasts with a better image before Russia invaded Ukraine last February 24.

On February 23, Zelenski wore a suit and tie to address the nation after Russia recognized two Ukrainian separatist regions as independent states and moved troops to the border. Forty-one days later, dressed in a green military jacket, a bulletproof vest and sporting a beard, the Ukrainian leader appeared a changed man altogether – somewhat haggard and aged – as he spoke of civilian deaths in Bucha.

True, presidents often leave office with more gray hair than when they took office. However, while some dermatologists argue that presidents experience an accelerated aging process due to the stress of office, others say it is more attributable to natural aging.

Other studies have suggested that leading a country can take years off a president’s life. Such research, from Harvard Medical School, found that heads of government, as a general rule, have lives nearly three years shorter than those of the candidates they defeat.



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