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Youtuber loses pilot’s license

Youtuber loses pilot license
A youtuber lost his pilot's license after crashing his plane to gain 'likes'

A youtuber lost his pilot’s license after crashing his plane to gain ‘likes’

Trevor Jacob, a well-known youtuber who produces extreme videos, will lose his pilot’s license after being accused of crashing his small plane on purpose. Jacob posted on his YouTube channel a video titled “I crashed my plane” where he flies aboard a 1940 Taylorcraft BC-12 over the Los Padres National Forest in California. After a few minutes of flight, the aircraft allegedly fails and Jacob opens the door to jump using a parachute. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) believes the crash was planned. According to the FAA, the youtuber violated federal aviation regulations and endangered the lives of others after recklessly operating his aircraft.

Jacob’s actions not only generate doubts among the FAA, but also among other pilots and the audience. The content of his channel focuses on extreme videos, nothing serious if we consider that the youtuber competed in the X-Games and the 2014 Winter Olympics in the discipline of snowboarding.

The federal authority revoked Jacob’s pilot’s license and should he refuse to surrender it, he will be liable to a fine of €1,500 for each day that passes. The FAA considered several situations when analyzing the video. First of all, Jacob does not call for help to a control center using the emergency frequency. Nor does he do his best to restart the engine or look for a place to land safely.

The youtuber just opens the door and launches himself into the void, but not before documenting the crash with his selfie stick and a couple of cameras strategically placed in the aircraft.

Another thing that is not normal, apart from his poor flying performance, is that Jacob wears a parachute all the time. In such a small plane there is no room to maneuver and you would first have to intentionally remove the seat cushions to be able to move.

But those planes can land safely in the event of a failure. The Taylorcraft was high enough to glide onto a flat plane and land without serious injury to the pilot. The fact that the youtuber jumped without attempting to recover the aircraft also prompted doubts from the FAA and many experts.

The video accumulated 1,775,500 views on YouTube and although the “Dislikes” count is no longer visible, an extension confirms that 117,000 users dislike it. According to the report, the flight took place on November 24, 2021 and last April 11 the FAA sent a letter to the youtuber to communicate its decision.

Although the youtuber has not issued a statement, it is a fact that he will lose his pilot’s license for this action.



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