Photographer Pavlo Krychko recreates Vladimir Putin’s face with 1,500 photos showing the horror of the Ukrainian war

On February 24, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, a 61-day offensive that has resulted in war, death and destruction. Precisely, since the beginning Pavlo Krychko has been capturing with his camera how the conflict has evolved.

The Belarusian photographer has used 1,500 screenshots and snapshots showing burning and completely destroyed buildings, badly wounded children in the hospital, dead victims piled up in the streets and symbolism linked to the Kremlin regime.

It is the reflection of cruelty and horror that merge in a composition that evidences the face of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “Horror, pain, suffering, death, deranged destinies, crimes, inhumanity, evil are all in this image. Looking at all these pictures I still find it hard to understand people who support this,” Krychko wrote on his Facebook profile to explain the meaning of his creation.

UN calls for immediate truce

Following the latest developments, the UN has called for an “immediate” truce in Mariupol in order to evacuate civilians trapped in the port town. “We need a pause in the fighting to save lives. The longer we wait, the more lives will be at risk. They have to be allowed to be safely evacuated now, today. Tomorrow could be too late,” UN Ukraine crisis coordinator Amin Awad stressed in a statement.

Vladimir Putin by Pavlo Krychko
Vladimir Putin by Pavlo Krychko


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