Moscow decides to suspend natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria for refusal of both to pay in rubles

This condition was imposed weeks ago on the Kremlin’s orders against countries they consider “hostile” and in retaliation for the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

The Polish state gas company PGNiG has announced that the cut in service comes after the deadline imposed by Moscow last Friday to pay for energy imports in rubles, which Warsaw refused.

A few minutes after the information was reported by the newspaper Onet, the energy company PGNiG confirmed that Gazprom had informed them that as of Wednesday at 8 a.m. “gas supplies will be completely suspended”. Poland will thus become the first EU country to have its natural gas supplies suspended by Russia since the beginning of the invasion.

In response, Polish Climate Minister Anna Moskwa stressed that Poland is prepared and has long been energy independent, as well as having a gas capacity of up to 76%: “There will be no gas shortage in Polish households,” she said.

Poland had made it clear on several occasions that it would not comply with Russia’s demands to pay for natural gas in rubles. The same position is being taken in Brussels, where they are asking the Member States that depend on Russian gas to follow the provisions to pay in euros or dollars.

This is also being suffered by Bulgaria, whose gas supplies have also been suspended by Russia as of next Wednesday. The Bulgarian Energy Minister has assured that there is no need at the moment to ration or restrict the consumption of this energy in the country.


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