Denmark ends vaccination against COVID-19 because the government considers the disease to be under control

Denmark continues to move one step closer to saying goodbye to the coronavirus pandemic. After pioneering the relaxation of restrictions and declaring the end of the covid-19 pandemic, it now suspends vaccination against COVID-19.

The Danish government believes that the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2 is now under control.

The Danish Public Health Service plans to approve in the coming days the administration of a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for people over 80 years of age, who are most at risk of developing severe COVID. This second booster dose is already administered to immunocompromised patients.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) see reasons to administer this fourth dose of the vaccine to this population group, although not for the general population.

The decision has now to be assessed by the Public Health Commission and the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System but will certainly be approved by these bodies in the next few days.


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