In recent weeks, Russia has been experiencing an unusual wave of fires in different parts of the country, affecting all types of industries and infrastructures

An explosion has hit an arms factory inside Russia in recent hours. Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, tweeted images he said showed the weapons factory in Perm, 700 miles east of Moscow, on fire, claiming a “powerful” explosion had taken place. Russia acknowledged that a fire broke out at the factory at around 8 p.m. Sunday, but did not say what caused it.

It is the latest example of a series of mysterious fires and explosions at military infrastructure and fuel depots. Ukraine does not claim them, but the fact is that some are so far from the border that it is hardly credible to understand that Kiev is behind them. Some analysts speak of internal sabotage.

The situation is similar to that seen in Iran, which has long been the scene of episodes attributed to chance or aggression, depending on the moment.

A few days ago, a fire affected several floors of the building housing the Defense Ministry’s Central Research Institute in the city of Tver, northwest of Moscow. According to the Tass news agency at least 17 people were killed. More than two dozen people were injured. The institute is a research center for missile systems, including Russia’s most advanced programs, as well as the Iskander missile, widely used in Ukraine, and the S-400 air defense system. Tass said initial investigations suggested the fire was caused by an electrical fault, but a criminal investigation was launched.

This is not the first incident across the border. Last March 30, a military facility exploded in Belgorod, Russia, where loud detonations were heard again today. The town is located about 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. According to Moscow these explosions were caused by an attack by the Ukrainians, while others claimed that it was an accident during the transport of ammunition. A missile factory was affected.

Also in Belgorod, in April, an oil depot exploded. Ukraine did not claim responsibility for the bombing, in fact, they denied it, but the Russians believe that two Ukrainian helicopters flew at dawn at low altitude over enemy territory without being intercepted.

Other explosions and fires on Russian territory have occurred in Klimovo or Berdiansk and there are also the railway sabotages carried out in Belarus to disrupt the delivery of spare parts and reinforcements for Russian troops.

Just this evening, according to official Kremlin media reports, a major storage warehouse on the outskirts of Moscow rented by the ‘Prosveshchenie’ publishing house, the company that produces most of the school textbooks in Russia is on fire at the moment.

In this game played by the Ukrainian resistance and the Russian government, real facts are mixed with propaganda. If the war continues however it is certain that the Russian public will ask questions and want some coherent answer.


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