Why there is a shortage of infant formula in the U.S.?

This is the politically correct article about the lack of infant formula in the United States. If you want to know the real reason why this shortage has occurred, please READ THIS ARTICLE.

It has been three months since there was a shortage of infant formula in the United States. The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, declared a state of emergency on Sunday due to the lack of this infant food both in the metropolis and throughout the country. The lack of supplies is such that the President of the United States himself, Joe Biden, ordered the launching of an international operation to transport the product from Europe, which will prevent price increases. The first shipments have already begun to arrive from Germany. But why is there a shortage of this much-needed commodity in the USA, the richest power on the planet?

There are several reasons. One of them was the closure in February of a huge plant of Abbott Laboratories, one of the main producers of formula, due to an investigation into the infections that four babies began to suffer after ingesting its product. Hundreds of U.S. families were left without access to milk and have been for nearly three months. A preliminary report by the Food and Drug Administration found traces of a bacterium, chronobacter, on several surfaces throughout the Abbott plant, although not in the areas used to make the powder. The formula is very sensitive to shortage problems because only a handful of companies provide almost all U.S. supplies. One of them is precisely Abbott.

At the same time, the covid-19 pandemic caused disruptions in ingredient supply, labor force and transportation. In addition, the more parents bought to stockpile, the more milk supplies dwindled.

“The nationwide shortage of infant formula has caused unimaginable pain and anxiety for New York families, and we must act urgently,” Mayor Adams said in a statement. The alderman estimates that more than 40 percent of retailers have run out of stock and prices are ranging from $15 to $25 per can depending on the location.

President Biden ended up invoking a special Production Act on Wednesday to increase supply amid a near total breakdown in the distribution chain. This law requires formula manufacturer suppliers to comply and prioritize the country to deliver the necessary inputs for powdered milk production.

Milk imported urgently from Germany

Biden also authorized the Defense Department to use commercial aircraft to airlift formula supplies that meet federal standards from overseas, in what the White House calls Operation Fly Formula.

A 35-ton shipment of baby formula arrived Sunday in Indianapolis on a U.S. military plane from Rammstein Air Base in Germany to address a shortage. The baby formula will be distributed to areas of the country where the need is greatest, a Biden Administration official confirmed to CNN.

A total of 132 pallets of infant formula from Zurich, Switzerland, were transported by truck to Germany, where they were flown to the United States. Biden has announced preparations for a second flight to transport 114 pallets of the special infant formula.

“The Biden-Harris Administration has worked tirelessly to increase production of infant formula and keep store shelves stocked during Abbott Nutrition’s voluntary recall,” the White House has explained in a statement.


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