What is the real cause of this baby formula shortage?

This is not the politically correct article about the shortage of infant formula in the United States. If you just want to read some vague news to put your mind at ease, please READ THIS ARTICLE.

The real reason for this crisis is protectionism in the formula milk sector that prevents manufacturers from other countries from selling their milk in the United States.

Through regulations that go to the point of absurdity, manufacturers from countries such as Switzerland or Germany are prevented from selling their formula milk because, for example, the order of ingredients is not listed as required by U.S. regulations. And when European manufacturers draw up their lists of ingredients in the exact order required by the FDA, another rule appears that prevents them from entering such a succulent market, while a small group of American companies share it, artificially inflating prices and obtaining juicy profits.

Does anyone really believe that European products are manufactured under less strict regulations than those of the FDA? Do American mothers believe that German, French or Spanish children take worse products than theirs?

The fact is that the United States annually produces some 200,000 tons of infant formula to supply 99% of its domestic market and as soon as one of the manufacturers has had technical problems the market has collapsed.

The European Union, on the other hand, is the world’s largest supplier of these products and manufactures 800,000 tons of formula milk for domestic consumption and for the rest of the world, except the United States.

Could this crisis be solved by a greater opening of trade of the United States? Sure, but that would mean that some companies would lose their incredible profits and some congressmen would lose their campaign donations.

So when you’re asked for $25 for a can of formula for your baby, ask your congressman; he’ll know the reason why.


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