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Attack on ‘La Gioconda’


Another fool tries to get on the news by throwing a pie at ‘La Gioconda’

It is the latest attack on the work of Leonardo da Vinci. No one could imagine that the tourist, in a wheelchair, was going to throw a cake at ‘La Gioconda’. The cake has hit the armored glass that protects the work. Then the man, who was wearing a wig and a cap, got up from the wheelchair in which he entered and threw roses around, before Museum security forced him to leave the room.

The incident was recorded by the many tourists who thronged the special room that houses the famous painting, which has become one of the main attractions of the Parisian museum. Although it has not suffered any damage, the aggression has not taken long to go viral and make headlines around the world. Neither the identity nor the motives that led the man to act in this way have been revealed. However, witnesses claim that the attacker was shouting pro-planetary slogans while the museum guards were chasing him away.

This is not the first attack on Leonardo da Vinci’s work. In August 2009, a Russian tourist threw a teacup at it, which broke against the glass case that protects it. In 1974, while it was on display at the Tokyo National Museum, a woman used a red spray to attack it, but failed to damage the painting. In 1956 a man threw acid on the painting, damaging its underside. At the end of that same year, a Bolivian painter threw a stone at the oil painting and managed to break the glass that protected it, causing slight damage to the work.

But perhaps the biggest scare that ‘La Gioconda’ suffered was when it was stolen in 1911. The culprit was Vincenzo Peruggia, a former worker of the Louvre, went out with the painting hidden in his clothes. The first thing that was done was to accuse other painters such as Guillaume Apollinaire or Pablo Picasso, but they had no evidence against them. Two years later, the painting was found in Italy, when the thief wanted to sell it to a gallery in Florence.


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