Top Russian sniper Alexander Kislinsky killed in Ukraine

Russia has suffered a new major casualty among the elite of its Armed Forces. Alexander Kislinsky, a sniper of the 22nd Spetsnaz Brigade of the Russian GRU/GU deployed in Ukraine, died a few days ago in the fighting in the east of the country, in Donetsk. For some, he was a better Russian sniper, known to some as “the Russian Wali”, the famous Canadian marksman who fought in Afghanistan and who volunteered to join the Ukrainian war.

In Russian and pro-Russian media, Kislinsky was considered a “hero” and “a warrior” deserving of “eternal memory.” A VK account attributed to the Russian Special Units (SPR) confirmed that Kislinsky was buried in “his small homeland” a few days ago. “He died not only in a fight against Nazism, he died defending the Russian people and the Russian land,” the account said.

In a video shared by the account showing Kislinsky standing in front of a Russian tank labeled with the pro-war symbol “Z,” the sniper says: “My grandfather didn’t finish off the Nazi scum, but we will. They were hiding in the woods all this time, but now they came out and we will send them back, with our modern technology we will wipe them all out.” Kislinsky said he had four grandfathers who fought during World War II, two of whom survived while the other two died.

The Russian sniper belonged to the Russian spy agency GRU, Russian acronym for the Central Intelligence Department. Created in 1918 after the Bolshevik Revolution and always under the aegis of the Ministry of Defense, this branch of the Army differed from the popular KGB in the Soviet era by its aggressive methods and its opacity, to the point of having been invisible to Western authorities for decades.


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