Israel prepares for the war of the future with 100% autonomous tank that also launches drones

The Israeli army will soon have a new military tool that stands out not only for its power, but also for its technology. The country’s defense ministry has announced the development and future tests of an unmanned tank capable of activating and operating some of its combat devices, such as a 30mm machine gun turret, autonomously, and which also has a robotic platform in its rear area capable of launching drones.

This robotic combat vehicle, also known as M-RCV (Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle), is called BLR MK2. The vehicle is being developed by the Defense Research and Development Directorate (DDR&D), together with the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Tank and APC Administration, as well as various security industries in the country, as confirmed by the administration itself.

It stands out, mainly, for being a completely autonomous device. In other words, it does not need a driver. Its weapons, moreover, can also operate independently. The BLR MK2 unmanned tank, on the other hand, can be useful in any situation: both day and night, and in any weather conditions.

While one of the attractions of this unmanned tank is its autonomous 30 mm turret and missile launcher designed by Israel Aircraft Industries, the BLR MK2 is also intended to carry cargo and also has a robotic platform capable of launching drones that integrate an autonomous reconnaissance system.

The BLR MK2 was announced at the 2022 Eurosatory defense and security congress, but will not be operational until 2023. It will do so, moreover, in the testing phase, as confirmed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense itself. In the meantime, it is possible to see it in operation and learn a little more about the use of its technologies in a video shared by Elbit Systems, a company that has helped in the development of this unmanned tank.

The BLR MK2, however, is not the only advanced tool that could soon be used by the Israeli army. The Israeli company Camero-Tech presented just a few weeks ago a radar capable of seeing what is behind walls. This is possible thanks to the use of an artificial intelligence-driven object tracking system. The product, dubbed Xaver 1000, does not provide a clear view of what is behind a wall, but it can be helpful in detecting silhouettes of humans or other objects.


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