Mansions, yachts, ski resorts and luxurious apartments, this is Vladimir Putin’s secret fortune

Mansions, yachts, vineyards, ski resorts, luxurious apartments or residences on the Black Sea. These are just some of the properties that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would hide under a network of friends and oligarchs who would be helping him to manage part of his fortune.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, some e-mails have raised the clue about the very varied assets used by Putin and belonging to individuals or companies and charities, not associated with each other, but linked through a common domain, worth more than 4.5 billion dollars.

The investigation reveals Putin’s links to Bank Rossiya, the Moskomsvyaz company, as well as 86 other companies and NGOs, all linked in some way to, functioning as a cooperative or association in which its members can exchange profits and properties.

Properties such as a $1 billion-plus palace in Galendzhik on the Black Sea whose ‘official owner’ would be a close friend of Putin, acres of vineyards, a ski resort in Leningrad, where the president’s daughter was married in 2013, as well as a villa in St. Petersburg known as Putin’s Dacha. It also includes a wood-clad building in northern St. Petersburg, in an area known as Fishermans Hut, plus large cash deposits and two non-profit foundations, and agricultural enterprises worth $248 million.

During Putin’s more than two decades in power, he has officially acknowledged owning only a small apartment in St. Petersburg, two Soviet-era cars from the 1950s, a trailer and a small garage. The other side of the coin is the rumor of numerous front men and his inner circle of oligarchs, as well as lavish properties abroad and gigantic secret accounts in tax havens.

With the data collected in this investigation by The Guardian, the most protected mystery of the Russian president could be unraveled: his enormous fortune that could reach 100 billion dollars.


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